Muntons Weighbridge Software


Muntons are a leading global company in supplying, malt, malt extracts, flours, flakes and many other malted ingredients. We have tailored our grain management software around their needs in managing all of their produce. In the software we have added in the following features:

  • Creation and management of contract orders
  • Integration with SAP for order information
  • Vehicle weighing
  • Quality control including rejected loads based on inspection and analysis
  • Quality streaming
  • Link to Dickey John or a similar sampler (if required)
  • Production of sample labels
  • Creation of grain passports (if required)
  • Validation of transactions and sending of information to an accounts package
  • Customer accounts management
  • Haulier account activity management


With our software installed on the customer’s hardware linking to SAP for order retrieval and data validation. Also it consists of a SQL server.

In the illustration to the left you can see that there are two weighbridges. Both weighbridges are being controlled from the weighbridge/administration computers. There is also a camera solution for capturing the vehicle details, a SQL database with a, to be defined link to SAP for order and retrieval and posting.

Hardware & Software

Hardware includes:

  • Weighbridges
  • Weighbridge computer
  • Link to Dickey John or and equivalent sampler
  • Customer network
  • Customer server
  • Cameras

Software includes:

  • Uniwin software – Weighbridge
  • Uniwin client – Laboratory, Administration, Grade and Management

Software Supplied

The software that we provided for Muntons is as follows:

  • Uniwin Plus Weighbridge Server
  • Uniwin Plus Weighbridge Client
  • Uniwin Plus Administration Client Connections

System Description

The software kernel will be built useing out Uniwin Plus Weighbridge Application and will be configured to meet all of the requirements specified by Muntons. The hardware will be supplied and maintained by the customer or any other appointed infrastructured supplier; this included any application or database servers.

Possible Software Interfaces

Our Uniwin software comes with an unprecedented array of features and they can be integrated as follows:

  • ANPR – Interface to an ANPR camera to identify the vehicle registration when the vehicle is approaching or currently on the weighbridge
  • Camera Capture – Images of the vehicle at the time of the weighing is stored in the database for later analysis
  • Driver Self-Weigh – The driver self-weigh terminal is used by drivers to weigh them in and our of the site
  • Badge Reader – Long and short ranged badge readers are used to identify a vehicle automatically
  • Email – You can automatically email to a recipient an invoice, a transaction or a report
  • Web – Web reporting/hosting interface for customers to gain access to their data online
  • SMS – Automatic weighing by SMS message, notification messages or a weight message
  • Signature Pad – Interface to an electronic signature pad
  • Biometric Reader – This is an interface to a biometric reader to identify the user or driver
  • App – This can be for a phone or a PAD to enable them to weigh or manage their data
  • Invoicing – Interface to the majority of accounts packages that are available
  • Traffic Management – This is an inteface for traffic lights and barriers so they can help manage the traffic flow
  • Link to accounts, ERP and trading systems
  • Loading shover software

Weighbridge Operation (Client Operator In Office)

A vehicle will arrive at the weighbridge and drive, if clear, onto the weighbridge. The driver will report to the weighbridge office; the operator will either key in the vehicle or select it by its registration. All of the known data about that vehicle, including the customer, product, haulier and trailer will be retrieved. The operator will then enter in the missing data or will correct any wrong data prior to weighing the vehicle into site. At the time of the weighing; the weight, time and date is appended to the serial number.

Four types of transactions can be processed, these are:

  • Product Intake
  • Product Outload
  • Product Transfer
  • Public Weighing

With each type of transaction a different set of data field must be entered and the tickets generated will be unique to the transaction type.

Once loaded or unloaded, the vehicle will proceed back to the exit weighbridge. The driver again contacts the weighbridge; all of the previously entered data will be retrieved again before the operator selects to weigh the vehicle. A final weight ticket is produced and the transaction recorded and saved for later processing.

Weighbridge/Laboratory Layout

Once a sample has been done the laboratory information is entered into the system and based on the commodity and quality a bin/bay assigned for the load, the quality information can be triggered for a drying calculation based on the drying tables that are entered in the system.

To the left are some images showing the sample on a laboratory screen, showing all vehicles on site and quality data being entered. In another image it is showing the charge/drying tables where the system will calculate the moisture/admix loss and drying charge. In the final image, on the left it is showing what the software prints on a label that says what needs to be tested at the lab and then on the other side of the image it shows the sample label with the results.

Dickey John

The software can be linked to a Dickey John grain sampler or an equivalent sampler. The ticket number is used as a unique key and the results appear automatically in the system. Where the sample is not carried out immediately the software can include a data window where the operator can click to assign a sample.

On the right are a few images, one showing a dialogue filled out using the sampled information and two other images showing ticket layouts.

Weighbridge Indicators

We setup our software to link directly to the weighbridge manufacturer’s indicator. with most modern and indeed older indicators without a problem. The software has a full approval for connections and is fully configurable with regard to connecting. We do not include work on the weighbridge, we as that you find out the make and the manufacture for each weighbridge. We will then do the rest of the work to establish what is required and whether the indicator can link successfully. We have linked to hundreds of different indicators on thousands of sites.