Case Study – Hereford Quarries Weighbridge Software (January 2016)

This case study is about providing a management system for inert waste and quarry products that would be coming into site and the quarry products leaving the site. Some of the activities they would be able to manage are:

Customer Account Management
Haulier Account Activity Management
Vehicle Weighing
Environmental Reporting Requirements
Quotations Module
Contact Module

Case Study – Dunton Technologies Weighbridge Software (February 2016)

The objective of this project is to provide a weighbridge system for Dunton Technologies. They have an expanding hazardous waste business that is based in Birmingham. They are looking to have a multi-user server to store the database on. They are likely to have three users that will be inputting into the system and then that […]

Case Study – Agrii Weighbridge Software (January 2015)

This case study was to provide a weighbridge management system to replace an old weighman system that was currently in operation. The solution was based upon a farm management template of ours which would include a dialogue for commodity that would be either coming in or leaving the site.

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Case Study – Armstrongs Weighbridge Software (July 2014)

This case study was to provide a weighbridge quarry management solution for Armstrongs.

The objective¬†from this case study was to supply a weighbridge system for the existing quarries that are currently operated by ArmStrongs. The quarry plants are remoted to the administration office and the plan was to replicate the transaction data back to the administration […]

Case Study – Weighbridge Software (June 2014)

This case study was to provide a weighbridge management solution for a company.  Just some of the features of this case study include:

Customer account management
Haulier account activity management
Vehicle weighing
Rejected loads based on inspection and analysis
Waste leaving site
Finished goods leaving site
Management reporting requirements
Future link to SAP
ANPR camera

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