Waste Management Software

The Waste Industry has a number of special requirements for the weighing and management over and above the normal dialogue requirements; we have therefore created a specific template designed to cater for the needs of this industry.

Our software package includes:

    1. Additional weighing dialogues specifically designed to cater for the needs of the waste industry i.e. assistance in the management of Duty of Care
    1. Haulier carrier information tracking
    1. Monitoring of the type of waste
    1. Amount delivered from source to destination and the Tracking of types of waste in accordance with landfill tax legislation.
    1. Ability to remotely monitor the sites acitivites
    1. Simple driver dialogues
    1. Tally tickets that can be printed at terminal and at head office
    1. Wireless communications between devices
    1. Bespoke report generation
  1. Can link to different accounting softwares

Full Reporting Suite

Ability To Tailor Reports To Your Needs

Example Reports

  • Landfill Tax Reporting
  • EWC Reporting
  • Haulier Self Bill
  • Send Data To Accounts Software (Sage, Pegasus etc.)


Ablity To Generate Customer Reports


  • Email Invoices
  • Tailor Invoice Layout
  • Automatic Creation Of Invoices
  • Export Invoices To Accounts (Sage etc.)


Can Connect To Mulitple Devices


  • Connects To All Major Weighbridge Manufacture
  • Add Camera Devices
  • Add ANPR
  • Add Touch Screen Interface

Web Based Technology

Can Display Information To Clients On The Web


  • Web Reporting
  • Web Invoice View
  • Allows Clients To See There Transactions
  • Proof Of Delivery Viewing

Screen shots