Grain Management Software

The grain management system has been designed so the software can manage the activities of a grain storage site.

Grain Activities Include:

  1. The Import and Export of Commodity to Site
  2. Vessel Management
  3. Agency Management
  4. Stock Control
  5. Quality Management
  6. Commodity Trace Ability
  7. Weighbridge Management

Features Include:

    1. Stock/Bin Management
    1. Rental/Storage Invoicing
    1. Link to Accounts (Sage, Pegasus and Bespoke)
    1. Fixing/Contract/Delivery Order Management
    1. Daily Analysis
    1. Bespoke Report Generator
    1. Automatic Link to Grain Samplers
  1. Drying Calculations & Treatment Charges

Our Software Is 'Weights and Measures' Approved

Conforms To The EU & US Weights And Measures Act

Weighbridge Interface

Can Connect To All Major Weighbridge Manufactures.

Full Bin & Stock Reporting Anaylsis

Analyse The Bin Bays & The Qualities Per Bin.

Full Reporting Features

  • Stock Reporting
  • Bin Activity Reports
  • Bin & Stock Quality Reporting
  • Rental/Treatment & Drying Charge Management

Manage Transactions From Fixing To Invoices

Manage The Grain Intake, Storage and Rental Invoice.


  • Produce Invoices
  • Stock Management
  • Proof Of Delivery
  • Moisture & Charge Tables
  • Emailing of Reports & Invoices

Full Reporting & Bespoke Reporting

Can Produce Bespoke Reports Tailored To Your Needs

Connect To An Array Of Devices, Including:

  • ANPR
  • Signature Pad
  • Grain Sampling
  • Camera

Screen shots